5 Things To Look When Hiring A Professional Drone Photography Operator

img3Taking photos and making videos from sky level adds an extra flare in its result. The viewer enjoys the height and different angle of watching landscapes that usually are not displayed in handheld cameras. But capturing objects from such angles is work of a professional.

It’s okay if you just like playing with your UAV equipments for personal use but if you’re going to film something for professional purpose, you must hire a professional operator for flying and covering the project from different beautiful angle. Whenever you head to hire a professional aerial cinematographer then you should keep few things in mind as described below.

Years Of Experience:

The first thing to look for in a professional drone operator like Sky Fly aerial photography. For this matter, you may visit his website and check testimonials left by previous clients or ask about a portfolio he has.

This will not only give you proofs of his being experienced but also give you more ideas to cover your project in one of his style. Another reason for hiring a professional over a non-professional or less experienced person is that he can assist you in various terminologies this industry has and you can even get different ideas to shot your project in best possible way.

Served Industry:

When you start looking for a professional drone operator, you should keep this thing in mind that people use drone photography/cinematography for various purposes. So if you hire someone with expertise in a different section then you may not get the right results you’re expecting from him.

This means you want to cover a scene for a short film for your college project but you’ve hired a person with expertise in different industry like real estate or construction for example. Think yourself how can that person do justice with a different project he’s never work before. With experience, you should also pay attention that what kind of projects that operator has covered in the past so that he can show you best results out of his creativity.

Technology In Use:

The next thing to look is for technology that drone operator is using. You need to make sure here is if the person you’re going to hire has the right range of equipments that you need to cover your project in right manner or not. If you find this requirement fulfilled, you may start working with him otherwise there are plenty of other options as well.


One most important thing to look for when hiring a drone operator is if the person you’re negotiating has proper certification or not. Usually, professionals have license from CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to operate as a professional. So you need to make sure he’s licensed and accredited from respective authority of your county.

Any Backup Plans:

Accidents can take place during the work in progress so you better prepare for them beforehand. Ask about any backup plans the operator has to offer you for covering your project. Usually, professionals carry an extra camera and drone with similar other equipments to handle any possible accident in odd conditions.

Five Typical Photography Mistakes

Mistakes are often a predictable stage of learning. For several photography enthusiasts, conquering mistakes and assuring good quality work is essential. Below is a selection of the 5 typical photography mistakes and guidelines to help you solve them. Solving these mistakes will considerably improve your photography knowledge.

1. Purchasing a Lot of Photography Equipment Concurrently
This blunder of obtaining a lot of new photography equipment at the same time impacts both experienced photographers as well as rookies. Nevertheless, new photography enthusiasts usually believe that purchasing the most new equipment will make them the perfect photographer. Purchasing a new camera lens, camera or flash will not make you superior at this work. In fact, the best photographers can certainly take excellent photographs with almost any camera. What’s more vital is the ingenuity, practical understanding and an avid eye for lighting which will turn you to a better photographer. Clearly, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase new equipment. Various equipment is really useful in offering greater quality and greater mobility. Just make sure to improve your abilities as the photographer utilizing the equipment.

2. Distorted Horizon
You’re in place taking an amazing sundown with your newest camera. Nevertheless, in the desire of taking the ideal sundown, you didn’t remember to set up the horizon level. Consequently, all the sundown photographs are twisted. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward means of solving this problem of a out of line horizon. Much of the photograph editing applications on the market can do this instantly or permit you to make the suitable modifications by angling the canvas to a horizontal placement in a program such as Lightroom or Photoshop. You must additionally switch on your camera’s digital spirit level or digital horizon while taking the photograph for much better accuracy.

3. Improper White Balance
Do your photos appear very cool or very warm? It is a typical mistake that’s triggered when the camera improperly analyzes the white balance. Whilst AWB can simply establish an appropriate function depending on the scenario, the correct choice of doing it properly initially is by setting up your own white balance amount. By fixing this mistake, your photographs will seem natural and you will not have to do a lot of editing work afterwards.

4. Lens Deformation
This specific mistake is typical among newbies because they are more vulnerable to utilizing the incorrect lenses. A few lenses make subjects seem distorted, whereas some add a few unwanted things such as the reduction in lighting or color round the sides. The initial means of solving this mistake is selecting the proper lens with an appropriate focal length for your subject. There are several cameras which even utilize improvements instantly while you take JPEG photographs. Nevertheless, it’s most effective and least difficult to fix this mistake while modifying the photograph later on.

5. Photograph Out of Focus
Depending on auto-focus isn’t appropriate for any expert photographer. It is probably because of the fact that the camera occasionally gets it wrong. When this occurs, you see that your photographs are centered on something before or behind your chosen subject. To be able to ensure that your camera selects your chosen focus point, set up focus mode as single point Auto focus.

Photography is extremely pleasant and satisfying. Keep in mind not to be frightened of going in near to your subject, as is the situation with many newbies. Try out several viewpoints such as mounting up a tree or lying down on the floor to obtain a fantastic viewpoint. Once you apply the above methods and improve your abilities, you’ll be able to enhance your photography standard.

When You Should Hire a Photobooth


If you’re wondering what a photo booth is then you’ve come to the right place. They are a box that looks a lot similar to a vending machine containing an automatic camera. Inside said booth you will find a seat, which you sit and pose ready for the camera. Initially a photo booth can fit a maximum of three people but in my opinion the more the merrier, though it may get a little squashed. Initially photo booths were used for the sole purpose of taking photos for identification such as passports or ID but now it’s become a new trend to include props and use them for fun. Companies like OMG! Photo Booths Norfolk offer a photo booth for almost any event that you can think of.


Hiring a photo booth is ideal for a wide variety of different events be it a wedding, private party or even corporate events. The memories made will be unforgettable because photo booths are simply fun. Photo booth packages provide each user with printed photographs to take home and keep as a souvenir from the event. Additionally all photos taken can be saved remotely and added to social media sites. If you’re still not sure here are a few reasons why you may want to hire a photo booth:


  • Photo booths automatically become the centrepiece of your event. Your guests may not use it at first but once the ball gets rolling they won’t be able to stop. There will be a crowd around the photo booth and the fun props will be off of the table like hot cakes.
  • A photo booth is suitable for any age whether your guests are young or old. This means that no guest will be excluded like some popular events entertainment equipment such as rodeo bulls.
  • If your event is organised and has a theme then a photo booth is versatile and companies will often offer themed packages. So really you are spoilt for choice.
  • Not only are the photos printed but can also be stored online. This means that no memory or photo will be lost and can be made available to all guests.


If you weren’t convinced before you should be now. For all events a photo booth is the way to go.

Different Shots For A Family Photo

We all know how competitive family advice can be. We may love our family but we compete for attention, compete to be the most successful, compete for the best cooking. There will always be competition amongst family members because they are the ones that are expecting the most of you. Its no different with how your family is represented. Hiring a professional wedding photographer Essex not only demonstrates to others that you can afford quality but it shows that your family are close, I mean you have the picture to prove it right? If you are wondering what poses to do for your upcoming family photo then here are a few suggestions.

Action Shot

Having an action shot in a natural location shows that your family are happy without having to pose for a photo. It’s a great way to portray your family life at its best. You can demonstrate a united front with little effort even needed.MB0885


Though its difficult to get children to pose the posed pictures often come out the best. With infants it’s great to pose them with props that simply creates adorable photos.jake_035


A natural photo is taken as if the camera isn’t even there. Natural shots are really great to just capture the precious family moments that make everything worth it.MB0803


Now natural shots and nature are an entirely different ball park. Nature shots use the beauty of nature to create beautiful photos. Nature photos have an easy feel to it. Nature shots are often beautiful and inspiring.frames33

Top 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Wedding Photos

maxresdefaultWedding photography in Essex isn’t just angles and styles; here are some things about it that you might not expect.


  1. You’ll End Up Basing Your Decision About Which Photographer To Hire, On How You Feel About Him Rather Than How Much You Planned To Spend.

No matter how much you tell yourself that you’ll stick to the budget, your instincts will demand to be prioritised. You’ll find yourself willing to pay a little more for that guy you’ve hit it off instantly than the one with a quote that matches your budget but doesn’t quite fit the bill.

  1. Your Wedding Photo Location Is Likely To Be Changed On The Spot

Maybe you and your photographer have carefully planned the when and where of your portrait sessions, so you are expectant that you’ll have it on those exact place and time. But sometimes, some situations calls for a change of plan at the last minute, try not to sweat it. Trust your wedding photographer that he’ll find another suitable spot.

  1. Smiling For A Whole Day Isn’t Easy

Whether you’re naturally smiling and laughing with the guest or your posing for those obligatory shots, your face will hurt from all the smiling. You may actually even see spots. To combat this, you try to rest your face and lips when the camera isn’t on you or a few sips of champagne helps.

  1. Your Pictures Won’t Be There Yet

Wedding photography isn’t like taking selfies where you can have the pictures as soon as you want them. You’ll have to wait weeks or even months before you get to drool over the professionally taken photos. But don’t worry; your patience will be rewarded because they won’t disappoint.

  1. Expect To See Your Photos Elsewhere

Yes they’re your wedding photos, but they’re also your photographer’s work. So technically, copyright belong to him. Therefore you might see them in your guy’s website, if he has one. Also, talk to him and settle it in the contract on how you want to use the pictures and to what extent he’s allowed to use them as well.