5 Things To Look When Hiring A Professional Drone Photography Operator

img3Taking photos and making videos from sky level adds an extra flare in its result. The viewer enjoys the height and different angle of watching landscapes that usually are not displayed in handheld cameras. But capturing objects from such angles is work of a professional.

It’s okay if you just like playing with your UAV equipments for personal use but if you’re going to film something for professional purpose, you must hire a professional operator for flying and covering the project from different beautiful angle. Whenever you head to hire a professional aerial cinematographer then you should keep few things in mind as described below.

Years Of Experience:

The first thing to look for in a professional drone operator like Sky Fly aerial photography. For this matter, you may visit his website and check testimonials left by previous clients or ask about a portfolio he has.

This will not only give you proofs of his being experienced but also give you more ideas to cover your project in one of his style. Another reason for hiring a professional over a non-professional or less experienced person is that he can assist you in various terminologies this industry has and you can even get different ideas to shot your project in best possible way.

Served Industry:

When you start looking for a professional drone operator, you should keep this thing in mind that people use drone photography/cinematography for various purposes. So if you hire someone with expertise in a different section then you may not get the right results you’re expecting from him.

This means you want to cover a scene for a short film for your college project but you’ve hired a person with expertise in different industry like real estate, construction or an industry like structural engineering, which Newtecnic have utilised for their amazing buildings for example. Think yourself how can that person do justice with a different project he’s never work before. With experience, you should also pay attention that what kind of projects that operator has covered in the past so that he can show you best results out of his creativity.

Technology In Use:

The next thing to look is for technology that drone operator is using. You need to make sure here is if the person you’re going to hire has the right range of equipments that you need to cover your project in right manner or not. If you find this requirement fulfilled, you may start working with him otherwise there are plenty of other options as well.


One most important thing to look for when hiring a drone operator is if the person you’re negotiating has proper certification or not. Usually, professionals have license from CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to operate as a professional. So you need to make sure he’s licensed and accredited from respective authority of your county.

Any Backup Plans:

Accidents can take place during the work in progress so you better prepare for them beforehand. Ask about any backup plans the operator has to offer you for covering your project. Usually, professionals carry an extra camera and drone with similar other equipments to handle any possible accident in odd conditions.

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