How to Choose the Right Newborn Photographer For Your Baby

Selecting a newborn baby photographer takes a little more effort than simply opening up your favorite search engine and finding a newborn baby photographer near you. Here are some important steps in choosing a baby photographer.

  1. When you visit their website or go to their studio can you find their portfolio? Every good photographer will have plenty of pictures on display you can look through. Do you like how these photos look? Different photographers have different styles such as relaxed photos, novelty photos and more formal studio photography. Find a photographer who can create the kind of photos you want.
  2. How long has the photographer been involved in newborn photography? When it comes to taking pictures of newborns safety becomes a major factor. Ask the photographer you’re interested in about their experience photographing newborns and ask them for testimonials from their previous customers.
  3. Do they have a studio? Will you need to travel to them or are they able to come meet you at your home? There are benefits to both options so go with what you feel is the best choice for you and your baby. When travelling with a small child how far you have to travel with them can become a deciding factor.
  4. Ask your photographer for information about how the shoot will go. How long do they expect it will take? How old should the baby be? Do you think the photographer knows what they are talking about? It’s important that they make you feel comfortable about the process because you will be entrusting them with your baby.
  5. What are you going to do with the final photos? Will they be able to offer you presentation products? Do these products look good?
  6. Would you like more photos in time so that you have photos showing your baby grow and develop? If so you need to find a photographer that offers this kind of service.
  7. Find out all the information you need on their pricing before booking a session. Good photographers are always upfront about the pricing they offer. You shouldn’t find yourself having to pay more after the photos are taken.
  8. While you want to avoid paying too much for photos it’s important to avoid going with a photographer that’s too cheap. It can take up to four hours to complete a newborn photography session with another 4-6 hours needed to edit the photos. As such you should be wary about any photographer who charges less than $150 for a full set of photos on a disk. If someone was able to offer a good service at that price then they would have to book a lot of sessions each week just to break even. Remember that you get what you pay for and the photographer will be doing a lot more than just taking photos of your baby.

When you find someone you think would be a good fit (e.g. Jo Bradley) it’s important to talk to them before booking a session. You need to build up a good rapport as you will need to trust them with your baby. If your gut says someone isn’t a good choice then move on and find someone else. With so many choices for newborn photography you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the right studio and photographer for you.

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