Top 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Wedding Photos

maxresdefaultWedding photography in Essex isn’t just angles and styles; here are some things about it that you might not expect.


  1. You’ll End Up Basing Your Decision About Which Photographer To Hire, On How You Feel About Him Rather Than How Much You Planned To Spend.

No matter how much you tell yourself that you’ll stick to the budget, your instincts will demand to be prioritised. You’ll find yourself willing to pay a little more for that guy you’ve hit it off instantly than the one with a quote that matches your budget but doesn’t quite fit the bill.

  1. Your Wedding Photo Location Is Likely To Be Changed On The Spot

Maybe you and your photographer have carefully planned the when and where of your portrait sessions, so you are expectant that you’ll have it on those exact place and time. But sometimes, some situations calls for a change of plan at the last minute, try not to sweat it. Trust your wedding photographer that he’ll find another suitable spot.

  1. Smiling For A Whole Day Isn’t Easy

Whether you’re naturally smiling and laughing with the guest or your posing for those obligatory shots, your face will hurt from all the smiling. You may actually even see spots. To combat this, you try to rest your face and lips when the camera isn’t on you or a few sips of champagne helps.

  1. Your Pictures Won’t Be There Yet

Wedding photography isn’t like taking selfies where you can have the pictures as soon as you want them. You’ll have to wait weeks or even months before you get to drool over the professionally taken photos. But don’t worry; your patience will be rewarded because they won’t disappoint.

  1. Expect To See Your Photos Elsewhere

Yes they’re your wedding photos, but they’re also your photographer’s work. So technically, copyright belong to him. Therefore you might see them in your guy’s website, if he has one. Also, talk to him and settle it in the contract on how you want to use the pictures and to what extent he’s allowed to use them as well.




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